A trio of Shadorma poems of Trees

From my Tree Garden, ยฉSometimes,2015

Old Elm tree
American Elm
once a pest…
limbs too much shade,
extinction well on its way
lives in memories

tree farm grows
crop of sad seedlings?
Not at all…
chance of life or none at all.
A purpose, not waste.

Of all gifts
nature has for us
best of all
may be trees
Trees serve us well all our days
from crib to coffin.


(Written for Shadorma Challenge)

37 thoughts on “A trio of Shadorma poems of Trees

      1. lots of stuff going on…as always. I ignore as much as I can, but it is what it is. pleeese send me your other site link so I can visit…I promise I’ll write it down someplace this time.

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      2. yes, I did before, but I don’t get any notifications who knows why. I’ll get over there in a bit, Scott is making chili for supper (a bit late, its 4 here) and he needs a bit of supervision.

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      3. I changed its title to A State of Mind….same url address, domain, I don’t think that can be changed easily. What I did, yesterday when I was on your other site I clicked the Follow button again…sometimes those get mixed up.

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      1. good, there’s a lot more here…I have vague plans for the other site but it isn’t as current as this one, which is called “Sometimes” the mumbletymuse is my site url, can’t change it now.

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