Today is a day of white light,
’tis not just any other day
following  a restless sleep
or moving with care by night light.

Snow brings reflection, in more ways than one,
signaling deep thought on one hand–
the other, bright glitter returned by the Sun,
accenting tree shadow bands.

Snowfall brings Beauty and Duty…
mixed emotions cause trouble.
My choice is Beauty
but then–I don’t have to shovel.


30 thoughts on “Today

      1. I wish he could be President! I served on boards with this guy before he ever ran for mayor…and he has done a spectacular job. Really good man, and is really interested in the good of the city not personal gain like so many.

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      2. his wife is nice too, not snooty like a lot of her peers 🙂 They raised their daughter’s kids for whatever reason. Of course there are people in town that always want to knock out even a good mayor and put their own hack in there.

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  1. Snowfall does elicit varying feelings. And choices. I appreciate your choosing beauty. Our last snowstorm was too much. It took days for me to accept the beauty. Good for you for seeing it so fast!


    1. I see the beauty first…but then I usually don’t have to go out in it. Finally got my van in the garage, so at least I can get into the car without dealing with ice. The beauty of it escaped me at times when I had to drive to work in the snow, but that isn’t an issue now.


    1. yes…nice to see you. The par-tay is a great idea I think. It’s a good way to meet other bloggers. Oh yeah, snow is lovely…I don’t like this zero degree weather though, and ice is scary because I don’t want to fall and break anything. 🙂


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