Ya’ll come to Jacqueline’s party :-)

YES!! Party Link Live – Love Thing Valentine Blog Bash and Mingle… Join the fun!

Bet you never went to a party like this!  It’s great fun, and a great way to meet new (to you) bloggers.  You don’t have to bring anything…just your dancing shoes.  LOL

Among other things there is a group poem… yes!  where we can add to an on-going poem with a line continuing the “plot” if poems have plots…mine usually do.  🙂

It’s a cold morning here in Ohio USA, around zero Fahrenheit.  I know–cold is relative.   We have been lucky so far this winter…this is the first real snow we have had all year.   With December, January, and half of February spent…can Spring be far behind?


10 thoughts on “Ya’ll come to Jacqueline’s party :-)

    1. it’s an interesting concept. It will be fun to see what comes of it, who shows up etc. I have to try to earn some money with my ebay store and book venues…the bank is breathing down my back as usual. Did you ever see the John Travolta film “Michael” where he (an Angel) “smites” the bank for his friend? I wish he was real. 🙂

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