17 thoughts on “Seeing Things: Imagination

  1. Now I’m seeing all sorts of things… I don’t know if its the man though.

    The yellow building the background reminds me of the tin man from the wizard of oz.

    The tower int he foreground has a screaming mouth at the top.


    1. Wow…I see all kinds of things now too! cool! I love these kinds of things…I can always see faces of people and animals in everything, rocks, pictures, clouds…vivid imagination. I guess that’s a human trait.

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      1. Right? Its not just clouds that resolve into recognizable shapes. The marbleized tiles in the bathroom at my work always resolve into recognizable things when I’m sitting there. I make a game out of it now.

        hummm…. was that oversharing. Sorry. ;-D


      1. Bob saw it soon after he put it on the wall, but I did not see the man until he mentioned it to me. Even then we always described the man differently…I said he had a stovepipe-floppy hat, Bob said he had a beret. The scarf also differed. 🙂

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