Seeing Things: Imagination


Can you see the “man” in this painting?

Once we had found him, we could never “unsee” him.

The painter is Renee Caron.

sorry about the crooked lines–the painting is straight, but the walls aren’t.


17 thoughts on “Seeing Things: Imagination

  1. Now I’m seeing all sorts of things… I don’t know if its the man though.

    The yellow building the background reminds me of the tin man from the wizard of oz.

    The tower int he foreground has a screaming mouth at the top.


    1. Wow…I see all kinds of things now too! cool! I love these kinds of things…I can always see faces of people and animals in everything, rocks, pictures, clouds…vivid imagination. I guess that’s a human trait.

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      1. Right? Its not just clouds that resolve into recognizable shapes. The marbleized tiles in the bathroom at my work always resolve into recognizable things when I’m sitting there. I make a game out of it now.

        hummm…. was that oversharing. Sorry. ;-D


      1. I suspect it is an art form to disguise the image….the greater the skill, the fewer people are likely to ‘see’ it at first. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      2. Bob saw it soon after he put it on the wall, but I did not see the man until he mentioned it to me. Even then we always described the man differently…I said he had a stovepipe-floppy hat, Bob said he had a beret. The scarf also differed. ๐Ÿ™‚

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