magic in the dream

Do I really want you to have suffered
in longing for what once was?
Am I really the One Lost since
the days long past?  Do such
thoughts cause deep pain… and
does a great sadness haunt you
every day, every year?

Is it vanity that wants
you to have suffered? —
mourning your Lost Love
from the halcyon days
of infatuation…
no, “star-crossed”…love
that cries out in the dark.

If I really loved someone
as much as I do in my dreams,
with the perfection and adoration
of youth’s fabled passion–
would I wish such agony
on my supposed true love?
or…want something better?

Status of a “lost love”
is so romantic– isn’t it?–
manufacturing thoughts of
love and  yearning
left over from decades past?
What would we have
had in common?

Would reality have been as
wonderful and magical as
“what might have been?”
Or was the Magic in the Dream
and destined to remain there…
like a beautiful Fairy Tale
which never ends?

© Sometimes, 2016