Huron, Ohio land-reclamation project photos

These photos were taken in late 1975, and are reproduced here from their original snapshots.  The subject is a project by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, dredging the harbor in Huron, Ohio.  My late husband took most of the photos.  I apologize for the sketchy information…I can not locate the newspaper articles that I wrote at the time.

The project illustrates the harbor project, which involved a massive operation of dredging mud and silt from the harbor area of Lake Erie within a mile or so from shore, and deposited within the vast structure the Corps of Engineers constructed of stone pilings and steel.

The result, over a period of perhaps a decade, was a city park…a mile out into Lake Erie from Huron.

The 12 photos that I have included were taken at various points along the pier.  looking back to the city, or to show the progress of the project at that time.

I am posting these pictures at this time at the suggestion of one of my friend bloggers, who is interested in land-reclamation projects.

I have also learned that the U.S.Corps of Engineers has applied for a permit to again dredge the harbor.  This time though the dredgings will be redistributed further out in Lake Erie.  (According to information obtained online.)

02-22-2016 08;26;21AM5

02-22-2016 08;26;21AM7

02-22-2016 08;27;10AM2

02-22-2016 08;26;21AM
another view
02-22-2016 08;26;21AM2
another view
02-22-2016 08;26;21AM3
further along with the filling-in process
02-22-2016 08;26;21AM4
a stage of the process
02-22-2016 08;26;21AM5
The pier at Huron. This paved walkway extends one mile. In background is the city of Huron, restaurants and boat dock along the river. Facing South.
02-22-2016 08;26;21AM6
The park project is to the right.
02-22-2016 08;26;21AM7
This picture shows the structure that encloses the area.. The huge metal pilings extend  around within the perimeter.
02-22-2016 08;26;21AM8
02-22-2016 08;27;10AM
scenic view within enclosure
02-22-2016 08;27;10AM2
The walkway leading to the lighthouse and the park project.

2 thoughts on “Huron, Ohio land-reclamation project photos

  1. Thank you for writing about this project and sharing the photographs. It’s a favorite part of Ohio to me. Similar huge work was done to save Presque Isle, the only coastland in Pennsylvania. So much good effort. And I appreciate yours.


    1. thanks… I wish I had more detailed information. My late husband and I used to love going out to the Huron/Vermilion area in summer, and we always walked way out on to the pier. We always took lots of photos. This dredging project took years, and the last time we were there abut 1998 we walked around inside the park area, which was about half filled in. My photos are almost all in slides and film, some prints. I have good printed articles that went with, but I’m not sure when my digital stuff began. Bob died in 2000, and I don’t think I had a digital camera yet. I have a lot of old features and pics that I want to work up for my blog.


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