17 thoughts on “Some of my Cats

    1. the APL came and got them a couple years ago and neutered them all…which helped enormously! In fact they were cats from next door, but I built them a shelter. I have a post about it on my site…key word cat shelter. 🙂

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      1. That was certainly helpful. I read about your shelter and it sounds great. Thanks for what you are doing.


      1. One of these days, he’ll get his wish…probably after the kids grow up. I can’t handle having that many feet in the house! (We’ve already got three dogs and six cats…the hamsters have gone to Hammie Heaven…)


      1. I have two, and could easily have more if I allowed it to happen. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have to draw the line because of the small space I live in and the tiny budget I have.


      2. buying cat food IS an issue, I buy a huge bag at the feed store for $37.00 and it lasts more than two weeks…but half is consumed by the outside cats that never come in the house. They live in the shelter on the deck. NO…I really don’t have the money for that, but I’m committed 🙂

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