40 thoughts on “My Place in Winter

      1. My mother moved to Florida with all the kids (except me, the oldest) early on. She always wanted to move back up North one day. I was born in Ohio, but my heart is in Tucson (Arizona)…I do miss those mountains! I love snow, but now it scares me when walking on ice…yikes.

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      2. my sisterinlaw broke her hip once (on St. Patrick’s Day) on ice, and my Grandma broke her hip…both slipped on ice. I try to be careful…but just the other day I slipped in the hall (no ice) and crashed down to the floor. I also try to keep my phone with me…ha, you know what they say about good intentions!

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      3. good shoes (I always wear Crocs, but if they get the tread worn down the get slippery…I have some of the lined winter ones. I always forget my age, and once in awhile I take a big fall…so far so good! 🙂

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      4. the last fall I took was when I slipped on some cat barf…Tinkerbell did try to warn me, but I ignored her. No joke…she always lets me know. I bought one of those high toilet seats, and since it doesn’t have a cover I put a towel over it. If the bathroom facilities are not to Tinky’s liking she pulls the towel off. What a hoot. (She is very old, and can’t get downstairs to the cat box.) TMI ? lol

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      5. the towel makes it safer for nosy cats so they don’t fall down the “tunnel” and drown; the towel should help in escaping. (That is pretty funny…no wonder you laughed.) I should make a better lid for the thing. As for “the fall”…that could mean anything 😀 I do try to be careful, but …

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      6. My dad lives not far from Tucson.
        I lived all 4 seasons in Colorado.
        I loved growing up on our family farm in Illinois. It beautiful country.
        It was always hot and humid or cold and damp
        Except for fall. I miss Fall.


      7. I like Fall, too. Both of my sons were born in Tucson, and one of my all-time BFFs is there. My heart belongs in the desert…my friend says I’m a “desert rat.” 🙂 (That’s a good thing.)

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    1. I’ll have to take a look around…the header photo was taken through a glass door and some are reflections. Tinkerbell my tanish cat is inside. Let me look at it again 🙂 Actually most of my photos have cats in them…I thought you meant a cat in one of the snow pictures. Now I’m intrigued.


    2. oh, I get it now… my brain read “snow” instead of “white.” That is Mawkin, outside on the deck. Tinkerbell is the one on the table, inside the glass, whereas the rest of the photo is a reflection. 🙂


    1. Thank you. I just took these a few days ago, it hung around on the branches then just melted. That’s Ohio weather… There is also some color showing on the houses, the red is the barn door, I almost didn’t see it. 🙂

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