Spider Dreams


I loved this spider
when I first saw her spinning
her delicate web.

She rode her trapeze
back and forth with the breezes
across vast spaces

between shrub and branch…
an expert tight-rope walker,
attractive stalker.

No bugs could resist
seductive Ariadne
in her sticky web.

Now as cold winds blow
she rests in her shrubbery
as she plans for Spring.

© Sometimes, 2016


Spider at work in her web.

28 thoughts on “Spider Dreams

  1. That is one huge spider … recently I watched one spinning its web against the kitchen window, so I had a grandstand view. It was really extraordinary. I do like the simplicity and joy of your poem.


    1. thank you. The spider isn’t really that big, I don’t know why it appears so big in the photos. The building of the web is a joy to behold. I learned more about spiders and their webs in the past few months than in my whole life.

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  2. How beautiful is this! It actually brings to mind a poem I read many many years ago as a child I think – or just a case of deja view – I enjoyed your story in either case! Nicely done!


      1. I am especially thrilled with the photos of the web, and with the spider in it! Getting the web structure to show up was a giant challenge for me! :-)mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkj THAT is from Tinkerbell, my ancient cat. She gave me a snotty meow, as well

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    1. thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. That spider is a great inspiration to me.. wind, rain, birds, people…she just kept on with her project no matter what, until it got too cold. That and I am a bit nutty besides.. 🙂


    1. thank you…I like spiders when they mind their own business…there was one last summer who set up housekeeping by my front walk, and I took lots of photos of her. I hope she comes back as it was interesting watching her build her elaborate web. 🙂


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