Silly– but true

There is one thing in the world
that never fails to make me happy.
No–not hearing from my friends,
or chatting with my cats,
nope…watching the TV (NOT!!!

Although all those things help…
in their individual ways,
none are the guaranteed happy pill
that can make my heart still
and restore happy days.

There is nothing in the world–
that makes me decadently happy
and gives me purpose in life
that comes from great satisfaction…
like a McDonald’s Buttermilk Chicken sandwich.

© Sometimes, 2016

23 thoughts on “Silly– but true

  1. Bonsoir je viens t’offrir
    La fleur de L’amitié prends en soin
    L’amitié à une grande place dans la vie
    A toi de la garder
    Certaines places sont cassables
    Mais une amitié fidèle ne peut pas se briser
    Alors donnons nous la main
    Belle soirée , bises , Bernard
    Belle fin de semaine


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