party paradox?


There is a great problem growing here, and yes, I am scared silly about the front runners in the Republican race for President of the United States.   But that isn’t new, and no one gives a quince about my personal preferences.

Normally The Voters can be trusted to ultimately do the right thing in making decisions…or more accurately, abiding by and respecting majority rule… so when this thing began to get out off hand, and “the lunatic fringe” began to represent the  majority of voters (on one side)…it ceased being amusing and started to get scary.

Here’s the thing:   What happens in a democracy when the voters make known what they want…who they want to elect…and the party organizers disagree and move to ignore majority opinion…negate elections chosen by voters… and devise methods of putting into  candidacy the “anointed ones” instead of the will of the people?

An analogy might be to offer their child at Christmas a choice of a real tree…or a tinsel covered phony tree…

“We want the real tree, the one we picked out.”

“Too bad…you’re getting a fake.”

There is a lesson here somewhere.   Do we as voter citizens actually get what we vote for?   Or is there a foregone conclusion as to the overcome of elections?    The paradox here is that we are guaranteed free and representative elections…but the electoral wizards have made very public their desire and intentions to disavow the will of the people and fix up the election process so one of their own can get in.

We are free to choose whomever we want to be our President, with obvious restrictions: there there must  be appropriate qualified candidates; we must be registered to vote; and the outcome must be verified and validated.   Yes, I know what happened in both Ohio and Florida–in different elections, 2000, and 2004, when the winning candidates were deprived of their win, while losers were installed in office even with apparently fraudulent means.   The presumed “winners” of the vote were beaten out in  so-called “stolen elections.”

Some observers may suggest here that the Republican Gurus may have “good intentions…” but the process of subverting the will of the voters is an ill-conceived paradox of the American Way of free elections.    I would never expect anything good about the intentions of these party-politicians…they have managed to subvert any progress in this government so far.   This belies the whole “loyal opposition” myth.

How can this happen?  I know, that’s a rhetorical question–but worth thinking about.   The thing about all this that really scares the bejeebers out of Thinkers everywhere, is that enough U.S. Citizen Voters FOLLOW the supposed beliefs/plans of Donald Trump to put him in this position.

But for the Republican Party to disavow the decision of a huge chunk of their own base…or even THINK of it and go so far as to announce it to the world–that is just against everything our system is supposed to stand for.

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  1. I may suggest here that the Republican Gurus have “good intentions…”

    Do they? Or are they just so scared that Trump will dry up the support of the donors that put money in their pockets that they are willing to do anything to stop him?

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    1. of course not…I know the intentions are not good…of course they are scared of Trump. So am I…deathly afraid. Thanks for this comment–I need to make clear what I meant about their intentions. 🙂

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  2. Sadly….The World will clearly respond…in due course. Not sure whether all Americans are aware of this….let alone appreciate this. 😉


    1. Many of us just say “what world?” We are very egocentric…case in point is the approval rating of Trumps idea of building an $8Billion wall to keep people out…which is impossible. Had our original inhabitants been successful…none of us immigrants would be here. 🙂

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      1. they say Winthrop and the others wanted to get away from repression so they came to Massachusetts and set up an extremely repressive system. We usually just are taught how holy and good those guys were…one of the “education myths.” 🙂

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  3. There have been a large majority of people who are indicating that they are dissatisfied with the way the country is going. But if it looks like anything might change, we whine pitifully. So if we go against the Republican heavy weights, we everyone is scared. Really – enough to continue the sell out of our capitalistic system, and the freedoms that go with it. Just give me Trump with a Republican Congress who can put the damper on if needed. Of course, if he runs it all like Obama, who can get by with anything and his Democrats say not a word, it might be a mess. Presidents mandating their decrees is too much totalitarian for me. Do you possibly see Hillary working with a Republican congress? Or will she continue just like we are going. What is it? Seven trillion more in debt than eight years ago.


    1. Give me a miracle in which the law changes so Pres. Obama can run another term. 🙂 If Hillary wins I believe she won’t have to fight uphill with a Republican congress. If Trump wins he will maintain control over ANY congress by simply making his own rules. The debt…we need to remember WHO ran up that debt. 🙂


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