Talking too much?

At times I like to talk in rhyme
but I don’t do that all the time.
It is usually better to modulate the voice
to speak in dulcet tones and airs of choice,
crooning tremulous or chortling mellow esteem,
rather than utter harsh or bitter raucus noise.

At times I chatter on and on in circles,
filling the air waves with clever syllables;
other times it makes no sense
to be anything but candid and specific
and speak the truth as I see it–
in common talk without terse rhetoric.

They hate it when I enter into lecture mode,
with details boring and useless conjecture,
with no practical purpose than to bode
ominous warnings of dangerous textures…
forming like storm clouds just out of sight,
but they heed not well-meant casts of light.

“We don’t want to hear it–we’ve heard it before
and by now we can stand no more!”
Far better it is, they think, to pay more attention
to demigods with nebulous, half-baked intentions–
who purport to make new and promising mention
of innovative ways to improve the nation.

So, at times I like to talk in rhyme,
but I don’t do that all the time…
even though that rhythmic  cadence
tends to bring more nods from an audience.
They like their facts much better when couched as a joke…
or resembling a limerick–or maybe Karaoke.

© Sometimes, 2016

12 thoughts on “Talking too much?

    1. my oldest son is the only one who ever appreciated my “famous lectures” LOL He called me from an airport once and said “Mom! You were right–I was in the right place at the right time!” He had landed a good job that he wanted. 🙂

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  1. You pinpointed me with your rhyme. That’s my style. It might not be the sign of the intelligentsia, but I like fun when frowns are not getting me anyplace.


    1. I read once that it is hard to be depressed with a smile on your face. That is very true…I like to think up something silly when I’m really, really down. 🙂


    2. the thing is that we have a lot of experience that could save others a LOT of trouble…but they don’t want to hear it. And my favorite line is: “Mom! you were right!” ha!


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