Home Highlights, Photo 101

The first prompt for the new Photo 101 class deals with MY HOME.  Nice theme, and since I always like to show off my environment which is so neatly and tastefully organized.   Actually my place is what is often called “lived in,” and furnished with what I called “hillbilly garage sale” motif.   (I hope that isn’t  politically incorrect :-0 )  So let me see what I have in my picture files…

Last week. 
Aesthetics is everything.
Me and my Little Sony.


Everybody’s welcome…bring the kids.  
Good places to nap.
just a few books

20 thoughts on “Home Highlights, Photo 101

    1. I am honored! thanks! As of a minute ago I had 499 followers. Woot woot! Number 500 will get a prize…virtual prize of course, trip to the Moon or something. NEWS FLASH–#500 has come aboard…YAY! She wins a trip to the Moon, but she has to pay for it and arrange her own transportation. (Hey, I’m poor.)


      1. lots of better places…he just came in two years ago when it was so cold, and refused to leave…now she likes to go out but is indignant if she has to wait to come back in. I adore cats!

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      2. there’s a old cartoon (Gary Lawson I think) where a few cats are around a table and one says “Well, we have our plan to save the world. What is next on our agenda?” And they all agree to “Take a Nap.”

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      3. yay, they are good. I think too the one where a couple of guys are in hell, and a dog is laying there stretched out on a rug. The one guy shrugs and says “I dunno, maybe he was just a BAD DOG.”

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