The News

Every day–as if by magic
there’s a new crisis to cover
each worse and more tragic;
The Angel of Death faithfully will hover
over events which appear strategic,
choreographed, and artistic maneuvers
directed by an invisible hand–
that is not necessarily beneficial.

Breathless reporters thrilled with new news,
of open skies storming–ice defying global warming:
topics discussed and promoted in a myriad
of views…put forth by the ignorant
who deny their own tunnel vision.
Rivers run dry and farm land floods…
as camels and llamas in opposite hemispheres
suffer cooling of heat zones, and warming the cold.

Pollution and holes in the ozone  layer
threaten the livability of our sustainable atmosphere. Hunger and thirst belies the goodness of Mankind. Terrible catastrophes around the world’s surface bring heartbreak  to the homeless,
compounded by death, and hopeless despair.

All of this bad news is presented by enthusiastic
announcers, who report the daily Big Story.  And if THAT doesn’t provide the viewers with news
worthy of  consumptive tongue-clucking–
there is always news of the antics of the –bejewelled, bewitched, and beautiful–
rich and famous of the world.

© Sometimes, 2016

11 thoughts on “The News

    1. I think it has been like this forever, it just took longer for the news to travel. Here it is instantaneous…they have it on TV even before they know what is going on. 🙂

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  1. I stopped watching the televised news a long time ago (I think I was about 18 when I made a decision to steer clear of it)

    Then I committed to staying away from the newspaper.

    Now, sadly I get bombarded with it via social media, though I do my best to find the things that interest me and help me not feel helpless.

    I keep up to date on policies and progress made in social justice. Places that help me feel inspired or at the very least, like I can make a difference in some way.

    Beautifully written and your words reflect the feelings of many I am sure.

    Miss Lou


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