13 thoughts on “Progress…a bright new day

    1. For many years our whole town has been a giant bottleneck, huuuuuuugggggge traffic problems. (long story) FINALLY we have a mayor that is so good, and so popular, that is getting much of this nightmare solved. I wish HE could run for POTUS… he’s a friend of mine, not my political party…but hey, everyone has flaws. 🙂

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      1. another main road is torn up for sewer lines, and the state highway road bridge is being repaired…there is no way to get out of town without a potentially long delay… train tracks, too.

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      2. yup…they even changed the city charter to allow this mayor to serve extra terms, the old limit was two consecutive four-year terms. The oligarchy tried to maintain the hick-town atmosphere, but too many of them died off. LOL When Bob became fire chief after 30-odd years on the department some of the old-timers lamented that “a new guy” got the job.

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      3. my skills at understanding city politics were learned at township trustee meetings as a young reporter…at the basic level the shenanigans are plainer but not any different than at the top… 🙂

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    2. the main issue has been buying up all the private owned land along the main road. Many of the old businesses had to go because they were built within the frontage of the road. Of course this involved lots of kicking and screaming… 🙂

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    1. Having a new main road through town will be a huge treat for all of us. However, since for awhile every major road will be torn up for construction it will be a nightmare trying to get up-town or through. Have to go around…but it will be SO nice! 🙂


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