mystic pond art


I often find surprises in photographs, serendipitous objects or impressions that might be considered gifts from My Muse.   This photo is a random pond shot, one of a series.  In the foreground are some dry weeds, and their shadows cast onto the water take on curious face-like shapes,  reminiscent of doodle-drawings.      Peggy, the cat, seems to have been transfixed by the mysterious shapes and lines…or maybe she just paused in passing to inspect a bug.

What do you think?   Am I seeing things?


26 thoughts on “mystic pond art

  1. True…..Photographs DO tend to focus the mind….I always find something unusual when I look at them later…especially when I crop them…. 😉 Hugs!


    1. thanks, Carol…I was beginning to think I was the only one seeing the “sketches.” I think it had to do with the light ripple on the surface of the pond, and the effect it had on the reflections and shadows of the plants.

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  2. OMG! I can see a lot more shapes-like. Others I can not describe as all types of different Faces I have seen. I this is not by coincidence for the connection of souls as When i try to check my phone and this message popped up instantly. Is it Amazing post! Can’t let stop putting my hair down.


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