Twins! Reblog from Autumn Ambles

[My small rhyme (following,) is inspired by the thoughtful poem which is re-blogged from the Autumn Ambles site. Thanks!]

Faith supports Doubt
Doubt mirrors Faith
To doubt belief
is to strengthen Faith
… for it is not denial.

© Sometimes, 2016


Autumn Ambles

IMG_3254(WP)Down lonely avenue of naked trees,
Disconsolate Doubt goes wandering wearily,
Frantic familiar face before him flees,
As though he’s set upon his destiny,

Preoccupied with demons of unease,
Barely a smidge of hope to underpin,
He fails to sense a cause for inner peace,
Close by his side walks Faith his brother Twin!

©Meanderings 2016

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    1. what is this? I love it so far… uh…what did I do to achieve second place? I’m honored. By the way, did you like the way I handled the reblog presentation?


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