8 thoughts on “patient poppy

  1. I’m curious. Do you write your poem first, then take your photo, or do you look at your photo and write your poem? Sort of like, which comes first the chicken or the egg. 🙂 I look at my photo and often feel inspired to write a short poem to go with it. The poppy here is vibrant!


    1. In this case I had a prompt “poppy,” so wrote the little haiku. Then since this very poppy plant in the photo is actually proceeding with caution (this is northern Ohio…not quite time) I used a pic of an “ancester” of the poppy. Usually I find a photo of my own and match it with a poem. The one I had last week “pond art” is a photo that I took when just exerimenting and the result was poem-worthy. It was a freak shot…I tried to replicate it, but can’t copy dumb luck I guess… 🙂

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