This poem goes with my Haiku submission for Carpe Diem.

an oxymoron–a beautiful weed
a pox on the purists’ perfect gardens and showy lawns
intended for display…but not for play
these snooty specimen of culture and prestige
Do not Touch!   Do not Pluck!

But here–over here! –in the field, untended
except by Nature and open (without saying)
to children and others to do with as they will.
Make a bouquet…or a linked fairy chain,
roll in the softness of dandelion fields,
created by Abundance without Design.
These flowers never fail to attract lovers of Yellow…
just take heed of the Bees!

© Sometimes, 2016

8 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. I remember the part dandelions played in my romance – my fellow and I blowing seeds at each other. Would still be fun if I could just move faster. I would end up eating lots of fluff now-a-days!


    1. dandelion fluff games…how delightful. My husband and I used to do crazy stuff like that too…I squirted him with the hose once….oooh that water was cold LOL


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