Leap Linkage poetry

I do enjoy trying out different forms of poetry…especially since I apparently was not paying attention back in my school day English writing class.     Here is the link to Carpe Diem, which is a favorite poetry site of mine.   The link explains in gorgeous detail the technique and history of the “leap linkage” form….which is  a form of Haiku.    http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.com/2015/11/carpe-diem-haiku-writing-techniques-17.html

This is about five months overdue…but since that probably won’t be held against me I will venture to pass on a few of my practice Haiku which may–or may not–meet the leap linkage criteria.   (With apologies to the Master, Basho.)

follow beckoning new buds
take care to step carefully
snow sometimes lingers

new green shoots beckon
heed Caution’s whisper: “Take care!”
hurry–but slowly…

Spring arrives with passion
pending blooms warn the wary
ice patches remain.

Day begins cheery
but can quickly turn dreary
when one is weary.

To worry too much
about stubbing  toes
forgets  overhead.

© Sometimes, 2016

If I fail as poet of the form, perhaps I can find work writing fortune cookie notes.  🙂

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