Cowboy Mentality

First published in December, 2015 on this site. Re-blogged.


Our cowboy mentality
runs  ripshod over good sense
root’em and shoot them
and debate it later in past tense.

We love our guns, our right to bear them,
but not responsibility or mortality
and certainly we don’t want to hear
of upset stability or equilibrium.

Ragged little boys playing at war
with weapons of steel–or straw–
all the same effect when in a draw,
bash ’em and smash them and more.

We hate them because they hate us,
and if they hit us we will hit them.
On second thought, let’s do it first…
no sense in waiting to talk it over
to decide if such action’s for better or worse.

At the debate, were we paying attention?
Did I hear the “D” word? As in: “bring back the draft?”
Only  whispers…which brought on a shudder…
a hint of the horrors contained in discussion.

My own sons are old, grandsons too…

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