weird wood

This cut from a branch just separated like this, with the tree rings separating like an onion.  
same kind of tree log as the picture above, with fungi growing from it.   My Dad always liked this sort of thing and in fact had a collection of specimen of natural growing things.     These growth are soft almost like Jello when they are fresh and forming.  The rough cut edges are the result of having been cut with a chain saw a year or so ago. ©Sometimes,2016.
This cut section of a log shows where the chain saw moved around during the cutting, creating several levels of surface and interesting rings.  
This apple tree has not been trimmed for about fifteen years, and is severely over-grown. 
Just before sunset. 

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    1. I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested, but I have a lot of positive comments about the weird wood…who knew? We have an old apple orchard here that went into crisis when my husband died 15 years ago. The trees were perfect beauties before he got sick. Now they are in “dis-repair” but their character has matured into “weird wood” status. 🙂


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