The Donald–renamed and re-blogged

HI… I originally wrote this ditty for a WordPress class last year.  It is re-blogged here because I think it is still very pertinent to current events.    With apologies to my readers that have read this bit before.

Who you calling imperfect?

There once was a boy named Donald

Who wanted to  be rich, and grow up to be President

ha ha! said the people as he started to


but he knew what he was doing and had all the cards he needed to


and win the game

opponents screamed like angry cat matrons

and picked on his hair and his noisy patrons

but Donald just said they should “lump it!”

You haven’t a chance, you’re not one of us, they wailed

“is that so?” said Donald as he placed a standing order for tea and crumpets

to serve to his fans to keep them from starving on the campaign trail

His crowd of the faithful grew and grew

’til they filled the land

so they bought him a very big trumpet.

© Sometimes 2015, 2016


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      1. Not tacky at all. Hardly any of us really succeed in reading everything from the posts we follow. And to be honest, sometimes I go so fast or so late at night a second time around is valued.


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