Watch those spectators sitting behind debate stars

The crowds at the Trump rallies have evolved since I wrote this post last November. …now there is punching and cussing, and general chaos…which I happen to think is staged (but what do I know?) For me the crowds who sit behind the candidate (especially Donald Trump) are the most interesting part of the speech. I LOVED the stage-sitters at the town hall meeting two nights ago in Wisconsin! I don’t know who they were but they were very entertaining as The Donald demonstrated his complete lack of knowledge about topics such as NATO,,,and the entire basis for US “protection” policy of the world. It was embarrassing (almost…) watching Trump trying to give an impression of familiarity with world affairs.


Some of the most interesting fans, or supporters, or spectators–whatever you call them–are the people sitting in the stands directly behind the speaker’s podium at televised speeches.

A case in point is the woman who ended up more or less trapped at a Donald Trump rally recently.  She happened to be black…which she said was perhaps not at all coincidental…and she was escorted to the VIP seating right behind the candidate.

Her name is Johari Osayi Idusuyi, a community college student, has achieved a certain amount of fame or notoriety on the telly.  Apparently she was not seeking anything more than just getting a peek at the famous Trump, but when she and some friends were turned away from the first rows, which were empty at the time, they were told the area was reserved for only VIPs….which (if there is anyone who is not familiar with that term,)…

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