A-Z Challenge — Using the B-Word


Using the B-Word

There are a lot of words that begin with B
and some of them are not appropriate
for a family Blog.

I try to use proper language whenever possible
depending on the Blog-Business at Hand.
But Bad words are not always Bad.

But “Bad Boys” can get in trouble
if Mom hears them whisper Bad Words
to Brides or Beautifully Ball-gowned sisters in processions.

The Brilliant and Best of Bad B-Words
are really not Bad at all…depending
on the context and application.

Bragging is another Blog No-No,
even when Blogging about Bomb-Shell
topics like Boasting about VIP Buddies.

Once I met Walter Mondale in the Bathroom
of a Holiday Inn.  The occasion was a
Press conference in which I was in charge.

Bragging can be Buried in By-the-ways,
with skillful use of words.    But Becoming astute
at Blowing-one’s-horn can be Bewildering…

By-standers Bombarded with Bookish information
Become Bored …and sometimes Bitter
when unable to Banter without Belligerence.

Who cares if one has an MBA or Bachelor’s
even when Being Bullied By Braggarts…
Because in the long run–it’s all Bologna!

Besides…writing Ballads or other forms in Blogs
is difficult when Better Judgement precludes
the use of the B-Words considered to Be Bad…
or worse yet–classified as Balderdash!

© Sometimes, 2016


6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge — Using the B-Word

  1. Hey Gradmama2011! I’m a new subscriber from the A to Z Challenge! You have a LOT of B’s in your poem! (But then I happen to like the letter “B”.) :O)

    LuAnn (approx #374 on the list) @ Back Porchervations.
    (and one of co-host AJ Lauer’s #wHooligans)


    1. great blog…love the Boondocks and the poetry…I tried to follow, but it kicked me out…nothing personal I hope. 🙂 Now I’ll be trying to remember the words to the Boondocks hit all day…I could look it up but that’s like cheating. 🙂


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