A-Z Challenge– Seeing C-Words

Clouds… something I never paid much attention to before this year, when they became one of my favorite photographic subjects.

Chuckles… with my sense-of-humor, which very few of my acquaintances seem to understand, exceptions being some of my blogger Chums

Children… three of them with C-Names: Candace, Constance, Carol.     We were on a roll when we named them.   Straight out of our Bible, which had lists of Saints’ names for prospective babies.     The first a compromise, the second named for one of my oldest long-term BFFs (Best Friends forever,) and the third…well, started with a C.   I love those names.

Crackers…animal, saltine, cheese…

CCR… Yes, Credence Clearwater Revival!   My all time favorite.  Yesterday we turned on an ancient “boom-box” stereo to see if it worked, and after fiddling for awhile it BLASTED out one of my all-time favorites:   Bad Moon Rising!   

Cleaning My House…. uh, not even close.

Cats.    No list of C-Words would be complete without Cats.  But half of my Blogging Buddies will write about Cats…hey, its a natural for a list of Alphabet Words.   Yes, I do love Cats, but that is a topic for its own Blog Post (again.)

Canada.  California.  Connecticut. Chiapas.  Calcutta. Catmandu (I know…it might be a K-word. (There must be more places that begin with the C-Word.)    Five C-Places, and I’ve only been to the first four.  I asked a British soldier who was stationed in Catmandu if it was as exotic as it was cracked-up to be–he said “No, not even close!”

Character/s.   I love people with Character.  To be more specific I should specify (I Can use the same word in different forms if I want to…)    Yes, it’s true that some have Bad Character, or Questionable Character, but most of those that I know are such that I would be willing to become a Character Witness if they ever need one.

So there we have it–my list of C-Words.




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