soul’s journey, a Wordle

(A Wordle: prompt Bastet  and Sekhmet’s Library… Challenge … drawing from word pool consisting of six words:
clear, pushed, wonder, deep, soul, wrong)

It is clear my soul
is pushed and pulled
between the wonder
of life’s endless journey
and deep restless sleep–
never afraid I’ll be wrong.

©Sometimes, 2o16

24 thoughts on “soul’s journey, a Wordle

      1. No problem, I probably didn’t make it plain enough … it was the first wordle that Brenda put up on a Wednesday, she’s the greater of the Sunday Whirl.


      2. creator? It’s a problem for me making sure an author is credited…the way it works automatically with wordpress on re-blogs never turns out the way I think it should.


      3. agreed…I try to give a few words of specific introduction. I love your site–I would post more on challenges, but sometimes I can’t figure out fast how to post. Duh…I usually just do whatever you do 🙂

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      4. 🙂 Glad you like the site … and I actually know about wanting and not being able to write for all my favourite challenges. Cool that you do what I do!


      5. Ah … That’s not so hard to find … if you’re doing the prompt through me I usually link to the original prompt post just click it and the post will open … Otherwise you’re already there .. up on your navigation bar there is an “https://” address written – you just copy that address and paste it in your post. To get more sophisticated … write the name of the post before you copy the address … then copy it and run the cursor of your mouse over the name of the post, it will become black – click on the link icon (it looks like a paper clip) where it asks for the url address paste what you copied in … of course if there’s a link app everything is easier for you … but often there aren’t.


      1. I like these challenges and poetry forms. I just “discovered” poetry recently, and it’s like a new toy for an old writer like me. 🙂 I love your site!


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