Gee whiz! It’s the Letter G in the A-Z Challenge today

“Good golly!” gushed  granddaughter Gina.

Goodness gracious… gab about Gaudy !

Grape-colored gifts make for gratitude

and garnets are groovy gems!

Gentlemen get gorgeous gals going gaga

with gardenias and gourmet gumdrops…

and going to gather a girl in a glorious, golden-hued Ghia —

gives hints of grandeur and gentry–or just a generous guy!

© Sometimes, 2016





5 thoughts on “Gee whiz! It’s the Letter G in the A-Z Challenge today

    1. thanks! enough snow already. We have more on the ground and coming down at this moment than at any time during Winter. The upside (there is always an upside with me 🙂 is that the flowers and trees like the cold spell and will last in bloom longer than in 60-degree sunshine. :=)

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    1. thanks! I didn’t think you were saying I was being snarky…soapbox is good, as long as its not for the Donald! I think that particular monster got out of the box before “they” realized it was no joke. 🙂


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