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I am re-posting an article from the Daily Kos today, because it is exactly my position on the matter of Bernie Sanders (yes–my hero!) disappointing turn  to almost mimic the Donald Trump/Ted Cruz fiasco on the other side.)

I couldn’t have said it better myself.   There has been NO candidate ever in the history of the country…ANY country, for that matter…that was 100% agreeable to everyone.  What was that saying about “fooling some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time_ –and the caveat of Captain Kangaroo that “ya can’t fool Mom” — OK, so the quote is mixed up, but the thought is still there.

The ideal position to find ourselves in at the voting booth is having to choose among several honest, qualified, fair, non-self-serving candidates.   But all too often we are faced with voting for the “lesser of the evils.”    I don’t happen to think that is an issue in this election.  In my informed opinion Hillary Clinton IS indeed a well-qualified candidate for President of the United States.

There are issues that I personally am at odds with Clinton … such as NAFTA, for openers.     There are other reasons, but I have never met a politician yet that always voted as I would have wanted them to.   By the same token, I DO like Bernie Sanders…a lot!.  But to be honest what I like about Sanders is that his ideas and concerns are so….. um…. utopian.   Everyone would be happy and at least reasonably well off financially, and there would be plenty of jobs…free education, sensible taxes, minimum wage would actually be enough to help out the family budget.   We would love everyone in the world…but stand ready to beat them up if necessary.   There would be no prejudice or hate, and no poverty…..and all the girls would wear flowers in their hair.

OK–Equal-time Time…    IF I had to choose between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz I would have to vote for Cruz, because bottom-line…at least he has a plan.  It is a bad plan and just plain wrong, but at least Senator Cruz is coming from  a political base with some real thought involved.   There are things that a POTUS just can’t do…and the key is to have a president that knows the limits.     Mr. Trump, on the other hand, appears to believe in just doing anything at all and then either ignoring it or lying about it.

So that’s MY humble opinion, folks…what do you think?

17 thoughts on “Re-Blog from Daily Kos

  1. Just a difficult time for all of us Americans right now, and yet so amazing and empowering. I am loving this campaign because for the first time in my life the two parties are not actually in total control. Trump has thumbed his nose at the GOP and Bernie at the Democrats. I am a huge Bernie supporter; I actually don’t find his ideas to be so utopian. Most of Europe and even a large part of the so called “third world” offer health care for all citizens. Why can’t we? ALL of the developed world educates its young people for free; why can’t we?
    Because we are at endless war, that’s why. And because we are controlled by the big money interests, that’s way. Bernie is being logical and thoughtful and I will not vote for any other candidate. If Bernie does not get the nomination, I will vote Green Party, as I have done in the past. No more Two Parties who are really one big money grubbing party for me!


    1. thanks for commenting! I wasn’t being snarky in my post…I too am rooting for Bernie Sanders to win. Utopian isn’t bad, actually… You are right about health care and education in most of the “civilized” world. The establishment as a whole would bring out the big guns (not a pun) against Bernie though and bring out the old McCarthyites in bulk. I love Bernie–but a vote for anyone else would be a vote for a Republican. 🙂


      1. Good morning! I definitely didn’t think you were being snarky! Sorry for my “soapbox rant”….I am feeling the frustration as well as the Bern, I guess! Here’s what makes me really mad: We are not supposed to be living in a two party system. Nowhere in the constitution does it say that. Grrrr!


      1. The issue I think is the voters who actually like the idea of the “giant wall” and sending innocent people back to wherever they “came from.” I don’t want to say “racist” but I will…xenophobic, maybe. 🙂

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      1. I wouldn’t count out the Donald. It is good that he is starting to scare the idjits in his crowds…but maybe too little too late. “They” may manage to block him…but THAT isn’t the “American way” either. Situation ethics, I guess… 🙂

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    1. “Someone” should sneak in and change our constitution some Barack Obama can serve longer. He will be long remembered for sheer-guts in dealing with an impossible Congress. What ever happened to the “loyal opposition?” bah humbug

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      1. The thing is–while we are asking God to bless US, the “other side” is asking the same thing. How does He decide in a case like that… I think of that every time I see a high school football (whatever) team hard at bowing their heads asking for God’s favor. The other side of the field the other guys are asking for the same thing.

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