Interacting with the IRS

Well, I did my taxes this morning.  Took hours…including get-online time, corrections through flipping back and forth among pages, and searching for 1099’s.

It’s a great relief when the tax thing is over for the year.   Well that’s the Feds…and the State, and through the Miracle of the Internet, the ordeal can be accomplished quickly and accurately…once ya get the hang of it.   My taxes are a lot easier now that I have limited income.  It’s been several years since I had to let my CPA tax-man go–almost the same time as my investment broker, who said in as many words: “well, now that your money is gone, we no longer have anything in common.”

Sigh…then I felt only very slightly smug when I finally got the notice that my returns had been accepted.   Yes!  But then…alas…in the email that followed there is a cheery little note that says (in effect) “CONGRATULATIONS!   You who can do anything…now you have completed your tax returns (online!)– now you can share our service with your friends and family…other little housewifey/old person types….”

Yes—I do resemble that, and I resentfully take that condescending remark–IT EVEN HAD A CUTE LITTLE BADGE!!!!        Truth be told, I was computer-savvy back in the days before those smart-alec IRS people were even in grade school yet.

So I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to sport that cool-looking badge that says: “I Got THIS!” on my blog…It really is quite impressive, and I know it would impress my readers, but still, I hate to brag about my computing prowess.     So I will just be subtle and mention in passing that I filed my Income Tax Return on the computer all by myself!


9 thoughts on “Interacting with the IRS

  1. I’m so proud of you for conquering your tax return by yourself! Way to go! We are not confident enough to do ours alone, but I did submit the payments on line. I vaguely remember seeing a place to recommend the site to friends, but it didn’t hit me as being snide. I did not see a place to get a badge, but I wasn’t as thorough as you were. I laughed at your comment about being computer savvy before the IRS agents were born. Mere whippersnappers!


    1. My taxes are very simple 🙂 TaxAct is a pretty good deal, it’s free…and except for a couple of snags like forgetting half of my income…it works quite well. I like the way it walks ya through mistakes…time-consuming, but it works for me.

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  2. I took mine to the senior center for AARP help. It was convenient, free, and pleasant, but long. However I quietly worked on “find- a-word puzzles and reminded myself that beggars can’t be choosers. Problem was that I acted so patient, my situation went to the end of the line several times. But free is nice.


    1. the program I used was free…there is a high-end update to it but that’s beyond what I need. It DID take a long time, but that counted searching for my social security 1099 and having to go back over the program to see where I was supposed to report my state pension income….then my computer and/or internet was being slow. Yesterday when i first tried to get on it never did let me sign in…I needed a new password and username for some reason.


    1. I’m not just a pretty face you know…lol
      Actually the free filing form is VERY simple and it won’t allow moving to the next page with an error on it, then walks ya through finding what is wrong.


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