I-Words in the A-Z


OK Folks…I have dusted off my Historian Mode, and hauled out some of the material that has been stored in my brain, and in old bond paper boxes inside of huge cardboard boxes, numerous bright-color folders with pockets, and a filing cabinet.   In addition to that paper stuff I have other boxes filled with forms of information storage–computer discs of all sizes, some readily available  and some on ancient systems that may or may not be within my technical expertise.

If you are reading this through glazed eyes…relax!  It isn’t going to be as bad as it sounds.     But if your reaction is some version of “oh heck no!” I won’t hold that against you…but for all (maybe two?) of you who are interested, thanks and I promise I’ll keep it short and interesting (subjective, I know,) and use hyperlinks for the reallly borrrring stuff.   You know who you are, and I have a pretty good idea.

Those five words that begin with the letter I — Information, Interest, Intelligence, Ideology, and Indigo — are related in classification, and not necessarily in any order.  “Indigo” in this instance refers to the so-called Indigo Children, which by definition have all of the other concepts.

please stay tuned…


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