K is for Karma in the A-Z

Karma can claim revenge,
without us even knowing why
so live carefully, always planning
and thinking before leaping.
Don’t forget to feed the dog–
he may be your master some day.

You may realize, without knowing why,
that your Sister was once your fierce
fifteen-times-great- grandfather.
Don’t try to explain that her bright yellow hair
came from the red-blooded  genes
of a half-savage Norseman.

If she values her gentile manners,
with impeccable credentials, who fancies
herself a fine lady with icy blue blood…
she will find disturbing your gossip
of her rude and uncivilized past,
back through the veins of time.

Thievery back in the days of a knave
who stole things for sport, and refused
to share them with paupers and orphans,
except for ill-conjured and undeserved payment…
Karma may return many generations hence
and even the score by stealing your fortune.

Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to Karma.
Only a vague notion, perhaps a reminder
that once upon a time you were a tiger
eating young rabbits out of the nest.
Don’t be too smug…for it may be the rabbit’s
turn to return as the tiger…and vice versa.

Doubting the validity of Karma
will be no advantage–Karma depends
neither on belief nor consent.
So we best pay attention, and follow
the principle of exemplary good living,
and hope for the best from Karma!

© Sometimes, 2016

11 thoughts on “K is for Karma in the A-Z

    1. believe it or not I had to peruse my dictionary to find a K-word. I need to find a small dictionary…the one I’m using is huge and I keep dropping it because its too heavy to hold. [rolls eyes]

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  1. I like the advice to feed the dog. Really, the detail here is wonderfully selected and crafted. The interplay between past and present (and, who knows, future) is compelling. “Karma depends/neither on belief nor consent.” That’s good advice (as in warning), too. Thank you!


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