Q is for…scrabble? in the A-Z challenge

Scrabble enthusiasts
(you know who you are)
know very well that
to be able to use that Q
there must be a U,
in English, anyway.
So quickly, as soon as
possible…grab that U,
and don’t use it frivolously
on words other than Q’s…

There is always QU for Quilt,
as Quilters will know,
and in Spanish there is QUE?
in English a Query.
On a Quest for a Q-word
we may know Quetzalcoatl
the Aztec super-god.
In Cleveland, Ohio there is THE Q,
which stands for Quicken (Loans)
a huge arena.

Quietly, with that collection of Queer Questions
I shall QUIT before falling behind…

© Sometimes, 2016


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      1. ha ha… 🙂 My daughter posted my photo on FaceBook and all my kids called me to complain about my dangerous life. I don’t do FaceBook…a good way to get in a lot of trouble. 🙂


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