S is for Schrödinger’s Cat

Today’s post was inspired by Mindlovemisery’s site.   Thanks https://mindlovemisery.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/six-for-wednesday-3-schrodingers-cat/

I’ve always wondered
about Schröedinger’s cat–
specifically the end state
of the experiment.

Imagination shows plainly
or is it hopefully?  that the cat
jumped out of the box while alive
and sauntered off in time for supper

It would be a shame if the poor feline–
what was her name?– was to meet
her demise in the negative state
and failed to emerge none-the-worse
for wear in another dimension.

Well –now I find out that
although there was a Schröedinger–
he may or may not have had a cat,
and if he did there was no box, either,
the dear fellow was simply making light
of some Quantum Theory ideas of
colleagues who believed in it all.

Impossible! said Schröedinger to his pals
because a cat was of matter too big
for such an experiment to work at all
and anyway, the whole process was silly
and way too complicated to contemplate…
and that is all supposing that the cat herself
was willing to even consider getting into a box
that was not of her personal choosing

© Sometimes, 2016

Here is a link to an amusing insight into the  whole incident of Schröedinger and the cat-in-the-box affair.




15 thoughts on “S is for Schrödinger’s Cat

  1. I liked the video. I’d heard about this but never really knew what it was all about. Thanks for posting it!… Your explanation was very good! 🙂


    1. Only the poem was mine…the article was written by someone else who also gave the link to the video. I didn’t know what it was all about either.. 🙂


    1. yep if I was rich, young, male…I would see and experience the world. But being a poor, old-ish, female….. ah We put a tarp over our open deck, part of which cups like a bowl. This morning I accidentally dumped water from the “bowl” onto my cat…he was highly indignant. Well, I told him to move…

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      1. Oh my…poor kitty, I can imagine his face and eyes looking at you! And he knows you should know that telling a cat to move is like telling a mountain to move….ain’t gonna happen


    1. I’ve been working on it off and on…and since I didn’t know what I was talking about I delayed. I’m SO glad the whole thing was just a cockamamie idea of some nerd-types. lol 🙂


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