U is for Ubiquitous, A-Z

One of the vowels,
Letter U is everywhere,
Spanish and English,
not uniquely paired with Q–
quite Ubiquitous.

The Aztecs used Q
but not them, exclusively,
although one wonders
who decided to pronounce
the sound of Q…like a K.

Ubiquitous too
is poison ivy, growing
in flower beds and on trees.
If there would be a contest
the champ would be Me!

I always wonder
why anything so pretty
can be such a noxious weed.
Don’t delay! It spreads
quickly without a good scrub.

© Sometimes, 2016.


21 thoughts on “U is for Ubiquitous, A-Z

    1. that is very good…Bun… everytime I see your name I think of Bun Bond… tee hee. I read someplace where there are some useable Scrabble words that don’t need both a Q and a U. No doubt some annoying Scrabble Pro…just agree with them so they’ll shut up. ha ha 🙂 My step-father was the all-time family Scrabble Pro. Monopoly, too

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      1. Well, I’ve just read on Google that a qintar is 1/100 of a lek in Albania. I’ll bet that’s a fact that no non-Albanian ever knew before the invention of Scrabble.


    1. see? Actually the Aztecs’ Q is pronounced like a K (Nahuatl) like a Quetzal bird is ketzel. or kaytzel…Im no expert on it. 🙂 I suppose in Scrabble the word Iraq is acceptable… wow!

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      1. I thought so too…but I’ve long suspected that various players make it up as they go along. I just asked what were the house rules and went along…its easier than debating it. 🙂


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