W is for Wonderland, in the A-Z Challenge


Any land is Wonderland
to those observers
who recognize unique beauty
in everything–bird, beast,
flower, sticks and stones–
all wonders of the land.

So be like Alice…
for wealth and riches care less.
Everywhere is a palace,
every vessel a chalice,
keep an open heart–like Alice.

© Sometimes, 2016


15 thoughts on “W is for Wonderland, in the A-Z Challenge

      1. yes, very inviting concept 🙂 In my garden, since I can no longer actually did trenches and paths, I’ll just make some signs and decorations. There are some garden plants, but need more perennials for shade. There are colorful birds decorating the place, of course, blue jays, cardinals, orioles, robins, crows, a lesser-blue-heron, road-worker turkey buzzards, a Canada goose or two, ducks… wrens…etc.

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      2. we are in a secluded area along the highway, have a large pond and nice pasture…although now many of the trees have collapsed with age. This apple orchard was just gorgeous less than twenty years ago, but without heavy pruning and shaping they deteriorated. We have all sorts of wildlife around, mine and my daughter’s place are 8 1/2 acres total. Rather undeveloped section of town, still much farm land. 🙂

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