uh…I think I messed up on the daily A-Z challenge.   I diligently published every day for each letter due, and visited everyone that commented, followed most, but I now fear that there was “something else” that I needed to do.  I’m not sure what.

So I apologize for publishing these last three or four letters of the alphabet ahead of time.  Not trying to be the kid that always finished all assignments early…

I did read the instructions on the first day of introduction…but I wondered why I didn’t get the cool daily letter badge, like everyone else.   Now I think I know.

Well, anyway…I really enjoyed publishing every day to the A-Z Challenge…even if it didn’t actually reach the challenge folks.

So…WOE is ME…

17 thoughts on “oops…

  1. In cyberspace, no one can hear you, uh, fall into the stream. I think it’s great that you’ve completed your challenge. And I don’t think the timing matters. I posted W after X because I forgot the W. And I went hunting for the badges as well. You’ve done splendidly here. Thank you!


      1. I like simple directions: (open can, dump in pot, put on stove, put in bowl, eat….) I DID double down on the directions though! I guess I thought there would be something like the commons … I guess there was, I just missed it. duh

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      2. It is explained in the original post, but I didn’t realize that there was a commons-type exchange. I wondered where those daily widgets came from. The A-Z is a great project though–I did all 26 letters, and it was great fun. I would have posted anyway, but the exercise gave me structure. 🙂

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