last year

The photo in the header is one I took just this past week.  The color show is much less than it was a year ago.  These photos of the trees were taken May 9, 2015 and the pictures of the tulips were taken on May 3, 2015…the tulips are special because my late husband sent them to me the first Easter when we started going together.    I do have a new one of the red and white striped tulip that just appeared yesterday (May 1, 2016)

These trees are planted and growing on my property, but their owner is a landscaping company.

DSC02778_thumb DSC02667DSC02668DSC02669DSC02727DSC02729

5 thoughts on “last year

    1. yes, the colors are delightful…can’t wait to be able to get out and get started with whatever I’m going to do. We had a few teaser days before the cold came back.


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