The Veep for Me (from Ohio, of course)

Hope dares raise her head!
Just when things are looking up
something always knocks
them down with new horrible
ways to cause havoc.

Cringing … grimacing,
and screaming in agony
considering choice,
potentially for second,
at helm of our ship.

If this all seems trite–
seeming to loom ominous…
weeping in despair…
and each new thought seems worse than
one that came before

Then cheer up my friends,
for an encouraging name
is spoken amid
the endless on-air chatter
of learned pundits.

Of all of the veeps
mentioned so far in this race
the one that gladdens
my  worried heart … (was so down…)
our own  Sherrod Brown!*

© Sometimes, 2016

(*U.S.Senator from Ohio)