Oddities Post for Cee’s Odd Ball photo challenge

Some of the oddist things aren’t really odd at all, but are  quite mundane in the wonderful ways of the world.   These wonders of nature that just appear out of a photograph, seem as if they are just there for us mortals to see…and appreciate.

maple tree knot hole
maple tree knot hole
American Elm Bones
Here is the original of the featured photo…grand in its own natural state. 

(All photographs included in this post are © Sometimes, 2016)

11 thoughts on “Oddities Post for Cee’s Odd Ball photo challenge

  1. Oh, those are pretty cool looking trees. I like the last one. It looks like a person or something with arms! 🙂 Good photos!


    1. every time I see your picture I think of a small pic I have of my oldest daughter when she was about 9 years old…her hair, and the blue dress remind me a lot of you…of course I see that you aren’t a child…its just the thumbnail impression


    2. oh it does…the lighter part does resemble a creature with arms, I didn’t notice that as apart from the top part. I do have a lot of trouble with photos being clear, I have a slight tremor.


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