New Pictures Today

Well this afternoon I went out to get some pics of the “new” trees, the ones I thought were not as nice as last year…but I was wrong, I’m happy to say.   The first few dozen shots I took with my little sony DSCW530, didn’t turn out well…whatever I do wrong, I can’t seem to get decent close-ups.   So I went back out with my son’s Nikon S3100 and tried again, with better results, but my close shots still aren’t acceptable.  I’m no newbie, but I have forgotten a lot of my photography skills.


New maple leaves.
the plant that makes the silver-dollar looking seed-pods.
Red-buds, other ornamental trees, and the green one is a volunteer that grows to be huge within just a couple of years.   The green one has long lethal prickers.
weird picture of the day…as it appeared in my camera lens
looks like apple to me

all photos  ©Sometimes, 2016

6 thoughts on “New Pictures Today

  1. I loved your photos, particularly the redbuds. That’s a new favorite tree for me. We called the purple flowered plant a money plant in NY. One gardening site called them money plants and silver dollar plants. They said the Pilgrims brought the plants on the Mayflower! Thomas Jefferson grew them at Montecello and even wrote about them in his letters.


    1. The rosebuds are glorious! I like that they have the dark purple-rose foliage. The landscaper who uses my land over there next to my house does me a great favor in allowing me to look at the trees. 🙂 Yes, the money plant…one appeared a few years ago in my garden, then they began to pop up here and there. I love the seed pods.

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  2. These are attractive photographs. I enjoy all the colors. But, you know (and for what it’s worth), my favorite photograph is the first one that shows off the shapes of leaves. Thank you!


    1. thanks! I love the leaves too. These are very very young maple leaves from a persistent seedling that just won’t go away…so I let it grow. It was three little skinny shoots which I braided (loosely) together.


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