Tales from a Daisy

They ask me… Why do all your stories smile?
Do you not aspire to be
more than a Daisy?

In your sea story
with ominous overtones
why did the sailor
not drown in a gale?
Why did his love remain
faithful across the oceans
of brine and time?

Why didn’t your fluffy kitten
interact with a hungry wolf
instead of a playful bunny?
Would not a quirk of fate
alter the warm and cuddly
ending of the fantasy?
Flannel blanket…pshaw!

Instead of the ideal state
of things, all rosy ending
and primrose lanes…
and all that sweetness and light…
why not predict mayhem and
doom throughout the land?
Things can always get worse!

Why it it always said to be
the “best man” who wins?
Everyone is not always rooting for
the underdog…sometimes they look
for a chance to kick that mangy fleabag
instead of remain politically correct.
Why look for the happy ending
on the six-o’clock news?

No one ever asked me these questions
nor have I contemplated such writing
myself…but there really is a rational—
to explain my Pollyanna-cheer.
I write to entertain, and opinionate
or rants meant to be pertinent.
History and politics and all that balderdash
is second nature to me.

Most of all my intent and object in writing
and taking pictures and researching facts
that no one really cares about…
is to cheer myself up.   I find it difficult
to dwell on bad things going on—
sadness and annoyance and anger
are counter-productive—
so happy endings are my thing.

So that’s why I try to make my stories smile
and… I rather enjoy being a Daisy. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Tales from a Daisy

  1. Why look for the happy ending
    on the six-o’clock news?

    Me, too. Lost art (and science). Why not watch out for what’s better–and make better along the way? Thank you for doing both.


  2. Or a sunflower – turning your face towards what gives light and warmth as it travels! I like this very much. Not nearly enough of it, especially not on our media.


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