new Tan Renga…morning glory!

For Carpe Diem Tan Renga prompt for May 9.   (I am enjoying this new challenge, thanks!)  The idea is to take a three-line stanza, written by one poet…and writing a two-line stanza to complete the Tan Renga. )


morning glory!
the well-bucket entangled,
I ask for water.

© Chiyo-Ni (1703-1775)

petal cups offer
satisfying  drops of sweet dew

© Sometimes, 2016


22 thoughts on “new Tan Renga…morning glory!

  1. I am so confused. I finally found the prompt page, but it was a different prompt. I always have problems reconnecting to prompts. What did I do wrong in this one? I had already posted the morning glory poem, so I just posted the autumn leaves one as well. I just discovered this prompt through you so I wrote on the one you did.


    1. I thought I was the only one…I have the exact problems that you do in posting to prompts! I spend a lot of time traveling back and forth on the site searhing for specific prompts so that I can post. I’ve been shy about asking because I figured everyone else knew what they were doing– 🙂 gradmama


      1. I tried bookmarking, but that changes. There is a number ID for each prompt I think…like the wisteria one, that was over but I did it anyway. 🙂


      2. Ha… I can see you perfectly as a little kid, following along behind shaking your head, palms upraised and arms horizontal on each side. Now I’m exaggerating! Ha.


      3. Huh? Which is the left hand corner of the paper? Do we write in cursive or print? Full name? Does it have to be a #2 pencil? Anyone have a pencil I can borrow? 🙂


      4. I was a girl…that pretty much ruled any of those out. Ha! I wanted to be a psychiatrist, a lawyer, and a police officer…no particular order. Yes, I am a detail person, have problems with abstracts 🙂


      5. the incident is true, except that the teacher had never seen me before my parents walked me into the classroom later. I have never been a good liar…too much stammering and stuttering and demanding of details. 🙂


    2. In fact I have another tan renga to post…but not sure where to put it. 🙂 I always like to have over-simplified instructions for everything, otherwise I just sort of founder around.


      1. I ususally copy off of Carol Campbell…she seems to know what to do. 🙂 Maybe they could publish a directive for some of us slower kids. I finally figured out how to post on Cee’s site.


    3. Then when I posted today I got a message saying the registration was closed…time was said to be “noon” today and I was trying to post at 10:30…probably a time zone issue?


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