grande olde dame

tinky very good


We have a cat named Tinkerbell
a short-haired butter-scotch yellow
never interested in fellows.

She has lived to a ripe old age
now in her eighteenth year
she is a bit thin in figure.

We have nicknamed her Missus Tinky
her real name just doesn’t fit her
she’s always been pick of the litter.

Missus Tinky dislikes kittens
she finds them very annoying
and likes them best when they’re going.

She tolerates her house mate cats
but argues and gets into  spats…
prefers the company of dogs.

© Sometimes, 2016


11 thoughts on “grande olde dame

    1. ok, I confess…I keep a number of notebooks here and there, and jot stuff down, then now and then I go back in and publish all the stuff. I rarely compose poetry on the computer (because poetry takes a lot of twekes and twists,) though I do all my other stuff…like commentary etc…directly online.

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    1. when she was a little kitten she lived with a puppy…that was before we had her. Once I was caring for a friend’s dog, and she loved that dog…was mad at me because the owner came back to get him.

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      1. the people who had her originally apparently wanted a puppy and a kitten, so they got both. My granddaughter took Tinky when she was still under a year old…then left her with me when she went to California, and that cat has never forgiven her for that! She’s been my cat ever since. The people worked and left the little animals alone in their basement to fend for themselves during the days…

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