The Butler would have done it…

I always thought that it was against the law to threaten the life of any politician…let alone the President of the United States!   Isn’t that called  TREASON?    This nasty, goofy old idiot–the butler–is he going to be allowed to get away with this business?   I really would expect the FBI to come bursting in the door, guns blazing, and drag the potty-mouthed guy out the door in chains.   What ever happened to that?

As for Donald Trump himself…well, folks…all you doubters out there who laughed at the detractors better start thinking pretty soon.   Put on your thinking caps and realize exactly what you guys and gals are thinking you all want in leaders of the government.  WHAT is it that you all really, really want anyway?

As for Paul Ryan, the erstwhile Speaker of the House…good lord, it will be fascinating to see him pull this one off!  I hereby forecast that one day (not in my lifetime probably) Speaker Ryan will be POTUS.   Oh, and another one of my predictions is Marco Rubio.  These guys are The Little Engine that Could personified.

And–did you guys see where TEXAS is planning to secede from the union… again?  And another thing I’ve been wanting to mention is that magnificant shoot-out in the Texas cafe last year.   Talk about a the Perfect Story…it had absolutely everything…motorcycles, guns, pretty girls in gun-belt skivvies hiding under tables…Texas Rangers!!! Oh the possibilities are endless to preserve this priceless legend on the Silver Screen.

Yeah, that Texas shootout was awhile ago, but some of the best film-videos remain to be hauled out on the News Broadcasts on significant anniversaries.   The amazing thing is, I guess, that law enforcement officials are having trouble deciding just who did what and bringing charges to a court of law.  Yer talking about stalwarts of colorful characters there!


7 thoughts on “The Butler would have done it…

    1. I didn’t say I liked Rubio as a possibility…I’m just predicting for the heck of it. Who know when Marco grows up what he will be like? I never like any of them once they get in there anyway.


  1. It is against the law to threaten the President’s life. Officially, the Secret Service should be investigating. As for Texas, according to history and the amusement park, it’s flown six flags of ownership. Why not a seventh? We could make up the loss with Puerto Rico and all our territorial possessions. And I imagine the general nation would still transact with Texas. And Texas would need the business.

    All of which is to say–and hopefully affirm what you are saying–is we get the government we want. Which in a democracy means getting the government we vote for. Or are in inactive in voting for. Still, I think we get what we want.


    1. yes, but on the other hand think about the hassle it would be dealing with that separate nation. Worse case scenario … occupation of all those surrounding states. The perfect example is that biker-brawl in Texas last year…good grief! Re Puerto Rico, isn’t the drawback there that the PR’s don’t want to become a state? It boggles the mind… 🙂


    2. huh! wonder if reaction would be the same if he looked more like a terrorist? He just looks like a nut…the thing is though that his kind of rhetoric could influence others.


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