what the heck’s a tetractys?

A Tetractys is a poem of five lines, consisting respectively, of 1 syllable, 2 syllables, 3, and 4…followed by a line of 10 syllables.   The long line forms a base for the triangular shape formed by the previous four lines–which add up to 10.  Tetra indicates ten, of course.     A Tetractys poem can also be made into a double, more or less diamond shape, formed of a right-side-up triangle, and a reversed triangle.      Come on all you poets…try your hand!  It’s fun.

follows dawn
in its own time
the birds’ clock chimes early to alert them …
they begin to sing their cheery wake song
the time is nigh
to begin
their day’s

© Sometimes, 2016

I asked:
about what?
if you must ask…
instead of taking up your pen in hand,
start to write the words that flow from within
ignite the spark…

©Sometimes, 2016

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