Washington Post columnist: aging a liability for women


Ruth Marcus, Columnist for The Washington Post, had published this article about…well, ahem….women getting older.  Male readers may snicker if they read the article, but to women it is the same old tune.

For women getting older is NOT getting better.

Of course its fine to put on a bit of age if one is a school teacher…maturity matters.  Nurses can age, its their skill and experience that matters.  Actresses are likely to be the “Mom” or “aging-beauty” in roles dealing with those types of women–specifically “older” more settled and less-sexy women, or the hooker-with-heart-of-gold type.   OH, right…there is the “cougar” role…featuring “that sort” of women who get their hooks into delicious young men.

When if comes to women on the TV…ah! therein lies the tale Ruth Marcus and other of us wrinkle-prone chicks speak of in this sort of article.

I don’t mean to pick on CNN…heavens no!  It’s just that CNN is my internet news channel of choice, even though it often embarrasses even ME with its base and flagrant salaciousness when it comes to reporting News Trivia and even important stuff like Vladimir Putin without his shirt (!) or the North Korean leader wearing a business suit!  (Who knew?)

Another thing…HOW about those glass tables where the news anchors sit… <wink, wink…> one would think they wanted to 1) show off legs; 2) sell high heels; and 3) assure voyeurs in the audience something to look at when the news gets boring.   Ever notice how it is usually the pretty young blondes on the long-camera-shots, not the seasoned and professional “older” gals who earned their news stripes in the trenches of foreign wars (or Washington D.C.)



































5 thoughts on “Washington Post columnist: aging a liability for women

  1. Yuh Huh! Preach it! Perhaps this is why I don’t own a TV and get my news from my BBC app. Fewer visuals on my phone – not that they don’t rile me sometimes, too. I really enjoy your writing style! Jilly


  2. Yeah, exactly! It really annoys me and how many other women. There are some older women in our media who are fighting back, but I notice they still expect themselves to be done up to the nines, whereas the guys can get away with looking much more casual …


    1. yeah, ya see some chick all gussied up with a guy wearing an old t-shirt and cut off jeans. It makes me mad when the tv commercials show “Mom” as being 50-ish with perfect hair etc., and needs an “easy” cell phone…where the hell has she been? I refuse to be old…complain to my doctor all the time…when I die, I die…. I’m not a cute little old lady…in fact none of the above 🙂


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