I love Green!

Here is a little poem I did for Quadrille #9, at https://dversepoets.com/2016/05/16/quadrille-9/   The prompt: GREEN.

Red is my favorite color
when there’s a choice–unless there’s Green!
Blue is the most popular hue in my closet,
sunny yellow on the wall…
but other colors hardly move me at all.
So when in doubt my grandkids remind–
Grandma Loves Green!”

© Sometimes, 2016

46 thoughts on “I love Green!

  1. I’m a bit late getting around to the posts. I detect an ambivalence to a particular color; you counted off a few. Green is serviceable, green is admirable, green is the color when others won’t do!

    I looked a bit through your photos. Quite fun!


  2. SMiLes.. Yellow
    of Lawyer.. judge
    and engineer..
    blUe of Artist
    sad and true..
    Red of Law Enforcement
    stop in the name of the Law..
    Green social work in sell oF Life
    Sim Soc Life.. Leadership class
    19.. Santa Rosa County
    colors society
    all have

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    1. thanks for inviting me! I enjoy writing these types of poems, light and fun. I can do gloom and doom too, but try to avoid it. I like poetry that makes me feel happy, or at least smile. 🙂


      1. 🙂 I just realized I forgot my point when I reposted that piece on aging. The commercials and shows are so condescending to older people…I hate how they have some 50-ish grandmother-type who is so amazed by her new-fangled cell phone!

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      2. good! I shouldn’t say local news people are dowdy…I am the Queen of Dowdy myself. The best anchors are the ones that obviously defy “protocol” and refuse to dress like they’re going to a party just to give the noon-news. 🙂


      3. its the variety that makes blogs so cool…I would put a copyright mark on your poems, though. (hold down ALT key, type 0169 to get the symbol…) I copyright photos and poems, but not usually prose stuff; I didn’t know how to do the © without a lot of hassle, and when someone told me I really appreciated it.) 🙂

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    1. happy green! We have a set of Blenco glasses that we’ve had for years, and we only use them at big family dinners…and they always set the dark green one for me because…well, you know… 🙂


      1. ha ha! I like darkish bright kelly green (hows that for a oxymoron?) When they get something for me if there is green they choose it…and there are some bad greens out there. 🙂


      2. I had one of those little cars, but it was a Renault…had a red VW…my son had one of the green VW’s. I had five kids, and they just tumbled around in the back seat…before seatbelts.

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