Ode to orange marmalade…

This morning for breakfast
I had a lovely English muffin
with marmalade…
sweet nooks and crannies
where puddle jelly and butter.
A tiny droplet dripped on my knee
(should have cleaned the spot right there,)
Put a napkin over the spot
to keep it off my hand.
Napkin fell onto the floor…
jelly and all.
Now on the way to find a cloth
to clean the tiny spot,
there is jelly on my hands,
and on the knee…
and on my shoe.
Now instead of a napkin–I need a mop!

© Sometimes, 2016

14 thoughts on “Ode to orange marmalade…

      1. that’s me… enjoy me or hate me! 🙂 I definitely think so though, it is odd kinda how we bloggers get to be friends without ever meeting. I have met a couple though over the years… 🙂


      2. back in the day they weren’t really “bloggers,” I met them on email. People were cautious about exchanging addresses, etc. but my friend in Virginia and I have been pen-pals now for about 15 years, and we met in person once in Williamsburg. She was writing a piece for her church project involving various world wedding customs…I mentioned a Maya wedding dress, she said she wished there was a photo, I said there was…and I said if she wanted to give me the address I would send her the photo…she did and I did. It was before “easy” posting of images on the computer.

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      3. the other bought a book from me on ebay…didn’t get it, we started corresponding about the book (which did finally get to England) and after a few months she said why don’t you come over…and I said you don’t have to ask me twice…so I went over and stayed for three weeks. My kids had a fit…one of my soninlaws forbade me to ever do that again… I swear those people are related to me…her grown kids adopted me as their “nan.” I love it.


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