Quatern for my homeland

This poem is intended to be a Quatern, a form of four stanzas, four lines each of eight syllables.  I found the form difficult, and have worked on this poem for  several weeks.   I quite enjoy working these structured poems…for the purists, I hope I have followed the pattern, which involves rhyming and repeated lines.  Usually I lean toward free verse, with more relaxed meter and rhythm.

Are we really the way we seem?
Crude, rude, obnoxious–loud and shrill?
Are we entitled to the Dream
does Earth exist to do our will?

To rule the world, is that our aim?
Are we really the way we seem?
Do we make our rules for the game
…an equal player on the team?

Do we have feet of fragile clay?
On the brink–like Rome fade away?
Are we really the way we seem?
A base of bravado and steam?

Has the saying ever been true?
…were we “a city on a hill?”
Please say honestly what you will…
Are we really the way we seem?

© Sometimes, 2016


10 thoughts on “Quatern for my homeland

  1. Hmmm – this is a form I have not attempted. I feel challenged to try. The pattern of aking the question repeatedly leaves one feeling uneasy – bravo!


    1. that is the form…I like it, I think it wouldn’t work in other forms…this quatern form took me a lot longer than usual to craft it the way I wanted to, and I was going for certain effect. Also, much or most of my poetry is much lighter in tone


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